The last tycoon, by F.S.Fitzgerald

This is Fitzgerald’s last novel and it was published after his death. The original title of this novel iven by Fitzgerald was The love of the last tycoon although eventually it was published as The last tycoon.

It tells the story of Monroe Stahr, a cinema executive in Hollywood. In this novel we get two different visions: the psychological one and the social one. The social view comes from the vision of the live inside Hollywood and the psychological is displayed through the mentalities of some os the main characters such as Cecilia Brady.

The narrator of this novel is Cecilia Brady (and it gives the novel a temporal first person-narrator- aspect). Actually, the type of narrator in this novel changes from one person to another (from first person to third person omniscient narrator). This aspect is the one that gives the novel its dynamic feature and its main appeal for the readers.

What I found very interesting about this novel is the great amount of details that the author gives about the world surrounding the Hollywood factory. And another thing that I really liked was reading the original notes that Fitzgerald himself did for the book since he couldn’t finish it and so he left those words for a possible continuation of it.

In the notes above mentioneed we can see the actual development of the story of the novel through the squeme written by Fitzgerald himself. It is also very interesting to read the plans of the author about his characters and events in the novel, the ideas he had for the novel as well as some personal thoughts of Fitzgerald about this book. 

(This image was taken from—the-last-tycoon_193751506285.jpg)

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