Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (1896-1940) is probably one of the most remarkable writers of the XX century. Fitzgerald was born in Minnesota (North America) and belonged to a rather wealthy family. Fitzgerald novels, essays and tales were an actual reflection of his real life. He studied at Princeton University for some time but eventually he left it because he was not very good at the studies. However, there he met some of the most important writers of the later years: Edmund Wilson or J.P.Bishop.

 In fact this writer belonged to the “Lost Generation” (terms which was popularized by Hemingway). This generation was called this way because its members came to age during the First World War.

            Fitzgerald married Zelda Sayre(Zelda Fitzgerald) in 1920 thanks to the money and importance he received after his first novel This side of paradise. And their only child called Frances Scott “Scottie” Fitzgerald was born a year after the marriage.

            A peculiar aspect of his wife (Zelda) is that it has served as an inspiration for the recent creation of a series of video-games which share the same name.

            About the literary production of Fitzgerald it must be mentioned his most famous and extended novel The great Gatsby. However, his works have been much moe numerous. Here you can see a list of his most important and read works:


            This side of paradise (being this his first novel and published in 1920)

            The beautiful and damned (1922)

            The great Gatsby (1925)

            Tender is the night (1934)

            The last tycoon (1941)

            Short stories (tales):

            Flappers and philosophers (1920)

            The curious case of Benjamin Button (which has recently been put out as a film staring Brad Pitt and the story was published in 1921)


            The crack-up (1945)


            The vegetable, or from president to postman (1923)

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