Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley: (1894-1963) he was born in Godalming (Surrey). His grandfather Thomas Henry Huxley  was a very important philologist and since he was a child he was surrounded by intellectual people.

In 1921 he published his first published novel  Crome Yellow . Aldous Huxley travelled for many years through Europe. In 1928 he published Point Counter Point, in which we can see some similarity to D. H. Lawrence  and philosophical and moral worries.

Brave New world appears in 1932 and it will be considered his most popular novel. Two years later he wrote Beyond the Mexique Bay one of his travel’s books. In 1936 he seems to be much more worried about moral and religious issues with the publication of Eyeless in Gaza .

His last book was Island , which was written in California before his death in 1963.

D. H. Lawrence wrote:

Thomas Henry Huxley  had given to Aldous’s generation “a disquieting scientific materialism” and to Huxley the courage to repudiate old and new superstitions, as repudiates the effects of the science and materialism of the moment.

There are so many things to say about him! His life was very interesting so I encourage you to read more about this fantastic author, one book that was quite useful for me was Aldous Huxley by José Angel Juanes.

Here you can see an interesting video in which his second wife talks about the moment he died.

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